Creators of communication concepts driven by creative data approach that deliver measurable results.

20 years of experience, global know-how and a team of media, marketing, data specialists. That’s us.

About us

Data based decisions

Our clients can rely on analysis and it’s insightful data interpretation when dealing with any marketing Qs.

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Right music to the right ears

You don’t need everyone but the right ones. We analyse all inputs to create an optimal communication plan towards your prospects and boost your conversions.

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Communication strategy that delivers

Helping our clients to win in a world of fragmented content. We connect and optimize all brand’s touchpoints.

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Effective media planning & buying

We are part of one of the biggest media house on Slovak market which enables us to deliver unique buying strategy and outstanding buying conditions.

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Innovative brand experience

Own proprietary tools to measure and evaluate events, influencer marketing or tracking brand sentiment in a digital world. Thanks to that we can measure what others can’t – experience.

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Digital marketing
in a digital era

Full service of creative, innovative and tech advanced online campaigns that help your business to grow.

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They said about us

Adam Mero

CEE Connection Manager Coca-Cola

„“Starmedia consistently demonstrated strong category and TCCC business knowledge. Their team has succeeded in bringing tangible added value and seniority to KO Business. They have come up with well thought through, business mindset based strategy building and funding proposal during the course of our annual strategies. They always demonstrated reliable planning capabilities despite market volatilities and modification requests. Short turnarounds and sharp deadlines were received and handled with confidence and agility. They have proven ongoing dedication, engagement and conscientiousness towards KO.””


Tereza Vránková

Head of Marketing and PR Comm. Samsung Electronics CZ/SK

„“We have been working with Starmedia for many years. Media advices given from our Slovak team always reflect our requirements and help us profile as technology leader as well as media inovator. Many awards we won together proof that fact (e.g. Flema). Starmedia team dedicated for Samsung has always been highly professional and also pleasant and reliable to work with. We strongly value and recommend such a business relationship.””


Ľubica Slabejová

Marketing manager OMV Slovensko

„“... Proposals for communication plans coming from the Agency always utilise not only standard formats but also innovative tech driven features making our communication successful and leveraging it’s potential to the max. Aside from effective media buying the Agency proposes creative ideas for out of scope activities that drive high recognition for our marketing efforts. I can highly recommend partnership with Starmedia."”


Martin Varga,
Michaela Berzediová

CEO Palma,
Senior Brand and Marketing manager Palma

„“... Delivery of our campaigns was always in line with the expectations if not even exceeding. In case you’ re looking for a professional media agency that happens to be revolutionary, not afraid to always innovate, bring cutting edge technology and new opportunities for your brands but at the same time remains connected on a human level and helps you find the best communication path then we stronly recommend Starmedia.””


Soňa Horváthová

Brand Manager STOCK Slovakia

„“We highly value professional and flexible service as well as eagerness to bring new trends and outstanding tailor made executions to our campaigns during a longterm collaboration we’ ve had with Starmedia.””

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